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Welcome to Reclamation

Houseplants need some help? WE GOT YOU.

"How do I treat x pest? I've tried it all.." "I wonder why my cactus melted?" "Can't figure out why my plant is acting up all of a sudden" " Is this plant toxic to my pet?"

We receive all sorts of questions, from the basics to intermediate topics. We have experience in various different families of plants and draw from our own experiences with our vast collection of plants. We are happy to help trouble shoot and answer any plant questions you may have. 

DM us on instagram and send photos of your plants or, bring them into the shop if you're local.

*Need your plant repotted but scared to do it yourself? We got you. We offer complimentary potting services for any plants purchased in store. Are you in the neighborhood or a regular? We will pot your plants as well, no charge just bring your own planter and we will take care of the rest.

Plants are fascinating, educational and therapeutic to be around. We love connecting with folx over plants.

Lets grow together!


Get 15% OFF When You Donate

We can't stand the thought of animals going hungry and shivering in the cold. Elliot thinks its a win-win situation when you bring in unopened pet food and, or gently used or new pet supplies. You'll get 15% OFF your purchase (treat yo self!) and all the donations will go directly to @paw_teampdx to help with local folx and their fur family stay full, warm and healthy. Alternatively, you can donate to your preferred non profit pet organization and we'll give you 15% off your order.*

*In store purchases only (must be within 7 days of donation)

In-Store Specials!

❤️Rescue Furry Family Members ❤️

Our shop mascot Elliot, along with his canine brothers and sisters are all rescues. We love our fur and shell family members so much and want to celebrate yours! If you recently opened your home to a new critter, bring in the adoption papers (within 30 days) and we’ll send you home with a pet friendly plant- on the house!

Williams District Needs Your Support ❤️

We hope you consider supporting local, small businesses. Along with many other businesses on Williams, we have been burglarized numerous times and we need your help more than ever! Our patrons are our heroes!