Custom Work

You ever go out seeking something specific and find a piece that catches your eye but isn't fully what you're looking for? Or thinking you selected a unique piece just to find the one hanging on a wall at your friend's house? We feel that. It sucks. 

With a background in art and design, we throughly love the process of creating unique pieces for folx. There aren't many things more rewarding than seeing someone fall in love with your work. 

If you are seeking a custom piece of art, jewelry, living installations, terrariums or up-cycled pieces, please send us a message with what you are looking to have made. If we are unable to create it for you, chances are we know someone who can and would gladly point you in their direction. 

We strongly encourage folx to support local and smaller artists. The amount of talented makers in Portland is overwhelming! Let's be real, isn't it much more appealing, knowing your money isn't going to help a corporate CEO buy another 50 ft yacht, but rather helping a small business or local artist work toward their dream and survive while doing so?  ❤️

Custom goods and services available: