Philosophy & Plants

Reclamation's Philosophy: We believe in respect, kindness, compassion and giving back to the community as much as possible. We strive to seek out creations made by the multitude of talented artisans in the PNW.  We recognize the privilege we have in being able to explore these curiosities and creations. We want to share all the joy we experience through connections and curations in our tiny shop. Maybe you'll discover a new found love for a local artist via a print, or a deliciously scented candle to brighten even the darkest of days, or need an extra hand re-potting that massive 20 inch monstera that you've put off for years.  Regardless, we are here for you and are so grateful to be part of such an incredible community. We hope that you'll stop in for a card, gift, or a quick hello to Elliot and stay for a connection and or conversation that leads to something more meaningful.


***Come Grow with us***

Plants are such incredible beings. For us, caring for plants is therapeutic and helps us to foster patience, introspection and resilience. We believe that transparency, sharing of knowledge and experiences help to provide a better collective base for plant caretakers to draw from, but also helps to create wonderful lasting connections within the community.


"Where do your plants come from?"

Our plants come to us from a variety of sources. While we do obtain plants from larger nurseries out of state, we love and strive to support local growers. Most of the plants we obtain for our shop come from local smaller nurseries and mom and pop growers in the PNW area. A large portion of the harder to come by Hoya are propagated in house from our personal collection.

"How do I take care of my new plant?"

Bringing home a new plant is so exciting! Plants can be so rewarding yet intimidating at times. There are many factors that go into determining the care of your plant.

We recommend taking all plant care advice with a grain of salt. Someone may have the exact same plant as you but have a drastically different care regimen if your plant doesn't share the same environment, temperature, light source, substrate, humidity, etc.

If you are shopping for a plant in store, we will ask you questions to help better gauge which plant would be well suited to thrive in your space. Feel free to bring in photos of your space.

All the care tips and advice we offer are based on personal experience growing said plants in the PNW. We love to talk about plants and share solicited plant knowledge and tips. 

"What do I do if my plant gets or has pests?"

Do not be alarmed! Running into pests (though sometimes unsettling and gross) is inevitable at some point in your plant caretaking adventures.

Pests can come in through windows, on clothing, from another plant, or hatch in soil. Pests, if left untreated, can do significant damage to your plant. Addressing any pest issues quickly, having good plant hygiene, and adding a few preventative measures is highly recommended and typically resolves pest issues.

It is wise to quarantine any new plant when you bring it home, regardless of where it was purchased. Anytime we personally bring home plants, we fully drench (completely coating top and bottom sides of foliage) with pest spray and apply systemic granules to the dirt. Wait 30 days prior to introducing it to the rest of our plants. 

Most of the plants we bring in are treated at nurseries prior to us obtaining them. ALL plants that we bring into our shop, are preventatively treated by us with Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew as an additional precaution.

"Can you repot or help me address whats going on with my plant?"

Absolutely. We love getting our hands dirty! We offer complimentary potting services for any plant/pot purchased in store.

Issues with your plant that you can't figure out? Bring it on in to us and we can take a look and help you troubleshoot. Not local but have questions? Shoot us a DM @reclamationpdx (it is just one person behind the instagram, so bear with us - we typically respond within the day!)

"I have pets and young children that like to chew on plants. Which plants are safe to have?"

Our selection of plants rotates, but we always have non-toxic options for households with pets and children and can help you find the right plant.

"Why is this plant $xxx? I saw it at the grocery store, online, etc for $yyy"

Many factors go into determining how plants are priced. As with any market, the demand for plants goes up and down. Not all shops that sell plants obtain their plants from the same sources and can price the same way.

Prices of plants sold online can vary quite drastically. We encourage folx to research and shop around. There are many incredible plant shops here in Portland. If we don't have something you are looking for, chances are we can point you in the direction of a shop that does!

"Why don't you use certain common plant names?"

Most plants have a common name that is much easier to pronounce than the scientific name. Some plants have outdated common names with problematic origins, so we use the scientific names.

"That's nice but I still have questions"

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to bounce some new plant experimenting ideas off us - we would love to chat! The quickest way to reach us is via direct message on instagram @reclamationpdx.