*Reclamation of E*

"There came a point in my life where I felt helpless to the uncertainties in life. Taking to my tiny studio, I started creating as an outlet. These creations soon evolved into wearable pieces that helped me feel confident and optimistic about what would come next. The Reclamation of E is the manifestation of the journeys we take in reclaiming our dreams and aspirations. 

My hope is that these versatile creations will give you that boost of confidence to take on whatever it is you're up against.

What will you reclaim?"

All pieces are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon. 

Each piece is buffed and polished with museum grade microcrystalline wax. 

All ear wires and chains are nickel, cadmium and lead free. Raw brass pieces will age beautifully with wear. Pieces will need to be maintained and polished periodically depending on the aesthetic you prefer.