Reclamation Crassula mesembranthemoidkes plant

Crassula mesembryanthemoides

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We have heard this Crassula called so many names. A young girl came in, stopped dead in her tracks, pointed and yelled "its a hairy pickle!" That is our favorite name for this plant (much easier than trying to pronounce Mesembryanthemoides)

Crassula are easy to care for and great beginner plants. These plants do not like to have soggy feet and we let ours dry until the substrate shrinks from the pot, or when the leaves start to shrivel, then we give it a nice soak and offer it the brightest light we can. 

You will receive a rooted plant similar to the one shown in pictures. Plant will ship in 2 inch pot to minimize stress on the plant. We strongly recommend waiting at least 30 days after receiving to repot. Occasionally some yellowing of leaves, or leaves dropping can be expected. Plant may or may not have peduncles, blooms and or new growth. We package these plants with extreme care.  Please research care for these plants prior to researching. Due to postal delays, we are not liable for any damages, or plant deaths due weather, transit times or lost packages once they leave our care. By purchasing, you agree to these terms. 

Please research the care needs of these plants prior to purchasing.