3 clear jars with black lids and black labels on a white background. the left jar says "lunalux botanicals full moon ritual bath soak, rose + cardamom". the middle jar says "lunalux botanicals waxing moon ritual bath soak, rosemary + bergamot". the right jar says "lunalux botanicals new moon ritual bath soak, lavender + mint". all of the labels also say "organic, small batch, cruelty free, handcrafted". jars are filled with salt and dried flower petals.

Lunalux Botanicals Bath Soaks

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Meaningful acts of self-care

Take time to ground yourself and absorb the benefits of natural skincare products from herbalist-created Lunalux Botanicals. 

Living lunarly

New Moon: Ground yourself and set intentions with relaxing lavender and rejuvenating mint. Comes with a moon-charged amethyst crystal.

Waxing Moon: Boost your confidence, remind yourself of your strength, and give yourself energy for manifesting your goals. Comes with a moon-charged citrine crystal.

Full Moon: Celebrate yourself and all that you do. Comes with a moon-charged moonstone crystal.


The Ritual

Shake jar prior to use. Pour the desired amount into bath water just before entering. We recommend using one-third to one-half of a jar per bath. Alternatively, you can place the desired amount into a muslin bag and place under the running bath water as the tub fills. Bathe for at least 20-30 minutes to reap the full soaking benefits.


New MoonDead Sea salt, epsom salt, dendritic salt, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) buds, special blend of essential oils, moon charged amethyst crystal, love + intention

Waxing MoonDead Sea salt, epsom salt, dendritic salt, Matricaria chamomilla (German chamomile) flowers, special blend of essential oils, moon charged citrine crystal, love + intention

Full MoonDead Sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, epsom salt, dendritic salt, Rosa centifolia (rose) petals + buds, special blend of essential oils, moon charged moonstone crystal, love + intention