5 wax candles in black jars with white label, with 5 white and brown cardboard cylinders on a wooden box behind them

Reclamation Candles

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Introducing our house line of candles

We now have our very own line of hand-poured scented candles! Available in a variety of scents to suit your tastes, these 10 oz soy candles come in a compostable cardboard package to protect them on their journey to their new home.

Campari Chiffon

The warm, sweet scents of sugarcane and vanilla chiffon combine beautifully with blood orange.

Apple Butter

Smells just like you have a batch of apple butter simmering in the crockpot!

Herb Garden

Missing summer already? Bring the herb garden into your home with this fresh, green scent.

Blackberry + Rosewood

Tart blackberry and bright green apple liven up the earthy rosewood and musk.


Deep wood tones with oud and a hint of sweetness.