Tanit Solid Shampoo & Conditioner

Tanit Solid Shampoo & Conditioner

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Nature is the answer

In TANIT laboratories, the team of scientists constantly looks for innovative solutions that will help restore balance to earth, but also, for original associations of botanical & marine ingredients to help the world understand that nature is the answer.


TANIT all-natural shampoo bars are waste-free. Each cleansing bar has been specially crafted to address a hair type for soft, beautiful results through a sensorial foam experience. 

Oasis: Normal hair care | Nourish + Protect + Restore

Normal hair requires a steady care routine to prevent moisture and vitality loss.

Oasis shampoo formula's balancing properties nourish and protect the hair from daily aggressions to preserve its health.

Experience a moussing formula that cleanses your hair with an enveloping fruit scent. 

Ciel d'Azur– Dry & brittle hair hydration | Smooth + Hydrate + Repair

Dry hair develops when the hair does not retain enough moisture, causing it to appear dull and rough to the touch.

Ciel d'Azur shampoo helps restore the scalp's balance and repair brittle hair while preventing future damage.

Experience a unique moussing formula that cleanses your hair with an enveloping mango scent. 

Aurore Boréale – Oily & delicate hair rescue | Purify + Balance + Restore volume

In some instances, the scalp's glands create an excess in sebum, a natural oil that can make hair look greasy in between washes.

Aurora Borealis shampoo is crafted with natural extracts that help restore the scalp's natural balance.

Experience a moussing formula that cleanses and purifies your hair with an enveloping fruit scent.