Tradescantia Zebrina

Tradescantia Zebrina

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These trailing plants grow quickly. They tend to snap off easily, which is perfect for folx that enjoy propagating. Throw it in a glass of clean water and watch roots form. Then share with family and friends for some big smiles.
Although these tradescantia are gorgeous with their rich colors and shimmery leaves, they are NOT pet safe. Please ensure that your pet is unable to reach, chew or ingest this plant. If they do please call posison control and your veterinarian as soon as possible.
Family: Commelinaceae
Toxicity: Toxic to Dogs, Toxic to Cats

Clinical Signs: Can cause mild gastrointestinal signs and dermatitis.

If you suspect your pet may have ingested a potentially toxic substance, call the APCC at (888) 426-4435 or contact your local veterinarian as soon as possible.*

Shipping Information & Disclaimers

Please research the care needs of this plant prior to purchasing. Your plant will ship in a 4.5 inch nursery pot to minimize stress. Plants are selected randomly and will look similar to the photo shown.

We pack each one of our plants with extreme care and love so it has the best chances of making its journey to you. We do not offer heat packs, but we do use insulating wrap when shipping plants.

Sometimes leaves may yellow or fall off due to shipping stress and that does not indicate an unhealthy plant.

We strongly recommend waiting at least 30 days after receiving to repot. Plants may or may not have blooms and or new growths.

We are not liable for any damages to the plants due to time in transit, weather, or lost packages once they are in the possession of USPS. By purchasing, you agree to these terms.