Wunderground's Brainchild Mushroom Coffee

Wunderground's Brainchild Mushroom Coffee

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Sometimes you need to think fast. We figured if it needs to be really fast, we better make an instant Brainchild. We want you to make time to create some wunder, but we understand there isn’t always time for that. Like, airline pilots don’t really have four minutes to brew a batch because someone needs to fly the plane. This is Brainchild instant. Heat up some water, stir it in a mug and get into the wunder quick as a bunny.

We like this first thing in the morning when we are short on time to get our brain fired up.

Life hack: Shake it up with ice and water (or milk) for a refreshing iced version


- Medium roast

- Origin: Colombia

- Mushrooms Per Serving:  * 250mg Organic Lion’s Mane, fruiting body, 8:1 concentration  * 250mg Organic Cordyceps, fruiting body, 8:1 concentration * Premium instant coffee, medium roast

* Supports cognitive health, focus, clarity

- 10 servings

- Flavor notes: hint of cornflakes, chocolate, and toasted tree nuts

Made in United States of America